A series of “interiors” and “exteriors” by Italian artist Matteo Massagrande explores the intimacy and vulnerability exuded by spaces that are in a state of deterioration. They are falling apart and it feels like it is only a matter of time before they are either torn down or refurbished completely. These spaces are disappearing, and it when viewing them it feels like they are still clinging to that which they once were – spaces full of life. Sadness and desperation can be felt for these spaces. They have been empty and alone for what might be a long time now. Are they hanging on to their colors, their shapes, their windows, walls and ceilings? These derelict urban spaces will haunt you. The artist is a master at light, palette and perspective. The images are depicted realistically, but feel like fairy tales. Places where something magical might happen when we turn our eyes away. And in that sense they are hopeful images and not a “cynical vision” as a critic once noted – despite their photo-journalistic quality.


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